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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  August 15, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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closer look at the damage done at the chevron refinery. >> mark: first we have a quick update on weather and traffic. >> erica: taking a live look outside conditions from our roof camera in downtown san francisco it looks like we have a little cloud coverage to contend with. temperatures are not too bad. we have the upper 50s wicking up in hayward. as we take a look at your day planner into the afternoon we have sunny and warm conditions and in. we have much cooler conditions along the coastline and some changes to talk about including the potential for rain. i will tell you when and where coming up in my next report. >> george: we are watching the hot spot on interstate 580.
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>> darya: gabriel martinez was shot and killed outside of his family's taco trucks last year. we are live on the scene with will tran with who they are looking for. >> will: they have been looking for suspects for eight months, and now they can show some composite
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sketches that will may be help to solve this case. the oakland police the former work with eyewitnesses and came up with the sketches, to indicate your screen because we want to show this to you. the first person they're looking for is an african-american man between 20 and 29 years old. he is 6 ft. tall with short hair and brown eyes. the other person is a woman between 20 and 25 years old who is 5 ft. 7 she is 140 lbs. with dark here. the two were seen fleeing the area and a silver four-door sedan made between 2006 and 2007. this is during a brutal year for the oakland police department and that is because gabriel martinez was third child shot and killed during a for a month span. they were thinking what is this case about? he was shot and killed while working with his parents at the taco trucks. he was walking with
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his father from the back of the truck to the front carrying sold as when the shots were fired it killed him and he was rushed to the hospital where he eventually died. >> darya: we can see clearly what they look like to get any more information on who these people are? >> will: hopefully we will know more about the suspects and the reason why is that at a 30 a.m. the oakland police department will talk with us. we do not know if they will talk with us one on one or with a news conference but the fact that the schedule this in advance may mean that they're sitting on something pretty big and they will let us know. if we find out then you will find out and we will let you know. >> mark: we are following the latest with the wildfire burning in lake county. we
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are getting word that contains it is on the rise. containment is now climbing up to 60%. we are waiting for the latest news another will headed towards the sun rise. investigators have not said how least two fires started both are just 10 mi. apart three buildings have been destroyed and there are still some evacuation's in spring valley although most people have been allowed to return to their homes, we spoke with some residents that experience firsthand how this fire came to their home. >> it came like gasoline on a fire. it was that quick. >> my son kept telling her grandmother, you just have to get out and please be safe. i think he helped to
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keep calm. she kept saying i will be safe, i will be ok and she said i love you and he had to hang up the phone because he did not know if she would make it out or not. >> mark: at least one home was lost. you see the rugged terrain where the fire is burning and we want to show you where these fires are burning on who will per--are burning on google earth. the wye fire led to the evacuation of over 400 homes. we see the police escorting people on the highway 20 incident. >> mark: the walker fire is burning closer to highway 16. erica it is watching
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these dry conditions. >> erica: we anticipate better conditions especially in the morning hours. it will be cooler, i do not think we will see in the triple digits. it looks like the afternoon high temperature will be around 97 degrees that is better than the 110 degrees that we saw. we are contending with the low humidity levels and some slight when the that the increase. it looks like firefighters however aren't getting a better handle on this fire. >> darya: thanks a lot erica and we are getting a look at the damage done to the chevron refinery in richmond were a fire broke out. the smoke and fire forced hundreds of people to shelter in place, many of them had to go to the hospital after days of waiting, officials are finally getting a look although they cannot get to
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the actual pipes that was damaged that was the source of the fire. so far, investigators said they have conducted 50 interviews with chevron employees and have obtained about 1000 documents to review. we have new video this morning as they look at the damage. you can see down from the ground, the charred areas and the melted part of the structure and the puddles of water that officials or walking through. those are all left over the firefighters doused the fire left--last monday. >> justine: this just in, about 4 million baby seats are being recalled. they say that the babies can wiggle out of these seeds and fall onto the floor and hurt themselves. you are taking a look at one of the seats right now this is the second recall this is the second time this happened. it was
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about 1 million of these molded foam seats that were recalled because there were warning labels the need to be placed on the seat but consumers that have these can get a free repair kit that includes a restraint bill, just contact the place take a break and be right back here...
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morning waiting for the fog to lift. we have more temperatures coming up as the kron4 morning news's with you until 10:00 a.m.. [music]
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>> darya: a fight as parks and the afternoon investigators still do not know exactly what set this
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off. some people in riverside san diego county have been told to evacuate because there are wild fires also burning in southern california. this fire is east of to make it up. this has burned 1,800 a.. >> mark: the most devastating fire burning across the nation right now is in washington state, 70 homes have been lost. strong and gusty winds are fueling the flames. justhours this has 4 square miles. to counties have declared a state of emergency and authorities have ordered about 400 people to evacuate. firefighters have not had much luck so far. there are 600 fire fighters working this ablaze with zero containment. >> mark: back here in the bay area keeping all our eye on bay area weather and traffic let us get more on your forecast with erica. >> erica: the good news is
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that i did not need my windshield wipers on my way into work. it's o'clock we will have cloud coverage that will be stubborn, to not be surprised if you do not see any sunshine whatsoever. we have clear conditions for the satellite and radar and we have some fog situated along the coast and it looks like some high clouds to the heart of the bay area. those numbers right outside the door show no shocks or surprises. the upper 50s reported fairfield in concord. our future forecast shows a line of '60s and a green on your screen that is for the case by lunch time. we have a pretty mild conditions and we are talking '70's through the heart of the bay. the could have some low '70s trickling in and possibly some 90's. i do not think we will see in the '90s. but the '90s that we do see will be on the cooler side we have '70s and '80s in the south bay with cupertino reaching 86 degrees, 85
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expected for santa clara. we could see fairfield come in and 91 degrees. antioch is coming in and 94 degrees and low 90s expected for walnut creek and upper '70's for castro valley. we have relatively mild conditions and partly cloudy skies for those situated along the shoreline. we have a high of 80 degrees this afternoon in looks like downtown san francisco could reach the mid '60s. your kron4 seven day around the bay forecast shows a cool down. by friday, saturday, sunday we have some changes. the rain will stick north of the golden gate bridge and we have the potential for thunderstorms the have a dry conditions as the star the next work week. >> george: we have been
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monitoring an incident in richmond. this is in the east bound direction. we have traffic coming up to the curve. were you see this truck overturned that is where you get on and it overturns spilling below here. for a while, it has a block the lanes but they manage to get the lanes cleared. traffic as you can see is coming from the rich in san raphael bridge is moving fine. i thought that maybe once the sun came up we would see people starting to slow down but, thankfully this has not created a back up so you are able to get by without any problems. now here is a look at the traffic maps to show you the location of the incident is right here. there is no real problem with a backup and that is good news. we have been also tracking and other incidents, the lanes were
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blocked but this has already been cleared and i expect the back up to dissipate fairly quickly. a quick bridge check as we look at your ride to the bay bridge. the metering lights are active and a pact is starting to form. your drive time still just 11 minutes coming from the macarthur maze. i of the san mateo bridge we have an easy ride for highway 92. adjutancy eastbound and westbound traffic are about the same with no problem. we have the fault knocked down on the deck this morning and an easy ride through marin county. >> justine: we have a more news coming out a riverside county this is the but a fire--this is the buck fire east of los angeles and has consumed 3,000 a.. a civilian was injured and a
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search is underway for workers that may have also been injured in the blaze. a third role--a total of 32 of the 47 homes have been evacuated. the looks like the camera and zooming in on part of the area that is burning. when can see a lot of smoke and fire engines on the scene. we will continue to follow the story and i will keep you updated flight during the kron4 newsroom. >> for the first time most americans believe that our best days are behind us. this is an election where we should be talking about the path ahead. but you do not hear any answers coming from president obama 3 election campaign. that is because he is intellectually exhausted and out of ideas and out of energy. so, his campaign has moved to the versions and distractions to defaming others. it is an old game in politics. what is different this year is that the
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president is taking things too little. >> mark: that is mitt romney bashing president obama on the campaign trail. the president continues to fight back. he stopped by a coffee shop yesterday highlighting the role of small businesses. he criticized mit romney for opposing tax credits for renewable energy companies. >> mark: i a with its 20% of its electricity from wind power and he also made a not so subtle reference to the incident where the mitt romney family dog was tied to the roof of the car. >> president barak obama: government run even explain his energy policy this way i am quoting here, you cannot drive a car with a windmill on it. i do not know if he is actually tried that but i know he has had other things on his car. >> mark: let us point out that the dog was in a kennel and not rely on the roof of the car himself.
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>> mark: today president obama continues his campaign in iowa and mit romney is headed to north carolina and alabama >> darya: the undocumented people in this country can now apply to stay and work in the united states without the fear of deportation for at least two years. people under the age of 30 that arrived in the united states before the age of 16 posed no criminal or security threat and were successful students, or served in the military can all fly now. participants have to prove that they have been living in the united states continuously for at least five years. supporters of this new program are rejoicing after president obama signed the executive order for this in june. they set up to 1.7 million people may qualify. >> the perception is that mostly latinos are undocumented, but we have asians and people from all over the world from africa,
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india, and even some europeans. >> darya: the president's controversial dream at failed to get enough republican support for congressional approval, republicans acted without rage saying that this amounted to amnesty and overrides congressional authority. we will be back with more in just a couple of minutes to get you going on this wednesday. take a look at the james lick freeway traffic is looking good in san francisco and we will be right back.
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>> mark: a dozen big merchants are expected to announce their plan today. we are talking about wal- mart, target and 711 among the companies hoping to elbow their way into the market of paying with your smart phone, purchases. this is called the merchant customers exchanges and an early stage of development right now. >> mark: the new ceo of yahoo has begun talking about how to revise its services. she wants to revise the services to take advantage of social networking. according to the wall street journal she has also had the company's stock
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ticker remove to--from the homepage give the notion that the police--that the employee should focus on the work instead of the stock prices. >> darya: now, you may remember these barkers and duties, now men will also be presenting prizes on the price is right. viewers can pick the male models by voting on line. >> mark: we will be right back as the kron4 morning news continues after this commercial break. [laughter] [music]
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>> erica: morning, now looking at our extended models, it looks like we will see some rainfall by this weekend. i want to mention that we will have delays up to 50 minutes. certainly catch with-- certainly check with your carrier i will have details on your forecast coming up. >> george: east bound at the castro street on ramp one lane and remains locked but traffic continues to move
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smoothly. so far, your west bound 580 ride it is moving fine. >> darya: the lake county fire has charred 7,000 a. east of lake oaks. the fire is now 60 percent contained this morning. maybe there will be more containment to report later this morning we are keeping our eye out for the latest briefings. we will tell you about that when it comes up. this fire has been burning since sunday afternoon. investigators did not know what started it. as we have reported there are three buildings that have enriched--have been destroyed. most people in spring valley have been allowed back into their homes. >> justine: we have an update on another wildfire that we have been following in riverside county. it has consumed about 3,000 a. to contain it up as we take a
6:32 am
live look. the containment at last check is now at 15%. it has gone up, this is burning east of los angeles. if people have been hurt. while we're watching right now in these live pictures is what has been burned. >> mark: we have the latest with new pictures coming in this is the refinery fire that erupted. toxic smoke forced hundreds of people to the hospital and days after waiting officials of the a close-up look inside. >> mark: fire crews and investigators are trying to get closer to the area where the fire erupted. these are charred metal structures here. >> darya: more than 9000
6:33 am
people visited hospitals fall in the chevron refinery fire. most of them were complaining about breathing an eye and nose irritation can now there are reports of serious hospitalize asian--there is a result of serious hospitalizations there were related to this fire. at this point, nearly 7500 people have filed in person or by telephone with the chevron claims. and to gas prices they continue to climb the bay area paying nearly 505 per gallon more than we did one month ago. take a look at the average price in san francisco. now in r gallon with the prices from one week ago and one month ago. in san jose this reflects a big increase of the last month.
6:34 am
>> darya: these prices are on track to make 2012 the costliest year. >> darya: gas averaged $3.70 per gallon. the nationwide we pay 305 more since mid july is at the highest level nationally than one year ago in 39 states. so, 39 states have seen what we see on a smaller level but experts say these prices will continue to climb with little release until after labor day. >> mark: police are looking for two suspects involved in a fatal shooting at a taco
6:35 am
trucks last year. one suspect is described as a black man between 20 and 29 years old. he is about 6 ft. with short brown hair and brown eyes. the second suspect is described as a woman in her early 20s. she is weighing about 140 lbs. with dark here. they believe that the two suspects fled in a silver and paula.--in a sliver impala. >> mark: the five-year old boy who was killed was and can bring a martinez jr. he was here at fifth avenue international boulevard when the shots were fired that hit and killed him back on december 30th of last year. >> darya: 16 year-old you leases died on august 6th. the family says that he was popular you love to play football beloved games and they say he may have been
6:36 am
targeted because he was wearing a red sweater. he was entering his junior year at kennedy high school. our arrests have been made in that shooting. we'll be back with more in just a couple of minutes. let us the a live look outside right now. wow! >> darya: that is a gorgeous view. you can see the sun shooting and going up like that and coming down. the cloud coverage provides for a spectacular view. [music]
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>> darya: vitamins for children is refunding more than two sonatas, the immense that their vitamins only have a fraction of the nutritional fax that they contain on the--facts that
6:40 am
they labeled on the packaging. the packaging featured all the packaging that the kids like like the disney princes, winnie the pooh, spider-man, it does make the eat your to get them to eat but it is too bad that it did not heavy enough in it. you could get between $4.80 dollars. if you think you have a bottle or box of those any purchase them between may of 2008 and september of 2010, you can file a claim on the web site and get your money back. >> mark: health experts have to study and then guess which flu strains will infect people this coming winter. one flu strain that they think will be a problem this year is the
6:41 am
same as last year and then there are two new ones. many people the of the flu and more than 200,000 are hospitalized. doctors recommend them if you are six months of age or older to get a flu shot. >> mark: and antibacterial chemical could weaken your muscle as you wash your hands, a new study suggests that this antibacterial soap disrupts a muscular action that a cellular level. >> darya: a let us take a live look at wall street we are into the trading day, now wall street is not doing too much out of the gate, the doubt is--dow is not
6:42 am
doing too well. hey, there's barely a line at space mountain.
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>> darya: welcome back, there is a lot of active burning going on right now this is east of fear. things are looking up and the temperatures are cool in office a little bit. the fire sparked sunday afternoon and they still do not know because. >> mark: now we're talking about more financial things with rum black >> for example target had a
6:46 am
rough transition they added food to their stores to compete with wal-mart. the stock is up in the last year. this may be the a bit of a role play. the stocks are at five-year high, they're selling for they have the right product. like you said they are in a little bit of skill a little less scattered. target is doing very well. >> mark: the like the stocks? >> i do. long-term target is a great name. >> mark: now let us talk about facebook later this week the lockup. in and what does this means as far as stock trading. >> mark: 250 million shares
6:47 am
will be unlocked tomorrow. will they sell? what they sell? it's going to be an issue, there are more shares, it is like swimming upstream as people are selling, are you buying? at the end of the year the capital gains tax will probably increase. there are two more. and then investors will decide. >> mark: the think of the people will dump their shares right away? >> it is still hard to tell. i think the company still looks a little expensive. >> mark: now these people that for free and then they're selling it all for profit.
6:48 am
>> i would not say they totally got it for free. >> mark: now on to netflix they are expanding to scandinavia does this make any difference for them? >> scandinavian are not quite the rich americans but this to help with again, netflix is already in the uk. this is about expanding and continuing to keep the competition honest. they are turning their profits from united states into european customers. >> mark: thank you with today's winners and losers on wall street now we are on to bay area traffic. we also are starting with the weather with erica. >> erica: thank you mark, as of right now we are watching the sun come up from mount tancam we have a lot of cloud coverage to talk about. we have high clouds
6:49 am
to the heart of the bay. as a result of the poor visibility we see the blaze on arriving flights. now, into the afternoon our future forecast shows 60s along the coast and '70s drop the heart of the day. by 3:00 p.m. we really do not see too much change. however, we to introduce the red and you can see for places like maybe concord and out through livermore and antioch indicating where we could see some 90's. it looks like the triple digits are behind we have 79 degrees on tap for sunnyvale. we have plenty of sunshine expected in the south bay. we have the same story for your warmest inland areas, it looks like we have much cooler conditions along castro valley with a wide range of '70s. expect '70's in the north bay as well. 71 on tap for berkeley and do not be surprised if you do not see
6:50 am
any sunshine whatsoever if you are heading to ocean and beach. if you are heading to the giants' game against the washington nationals a looks like by the start of the game will be 62 degrees. we will climb a few degrees and then your seven day around the bay forecast shows a modest cool down over the next couple of days. friday, saturday and sunday we have some changes to talk about and by changes i do mean some rain. now we have the potential for some thunderstorms and it looks like that will be the case as we start the next workweek keeping partly cloudy conditions and continuing with the cooling trends. now we have your weather let us see how the bridges are doing with george. >> george: we have a busy morning and the traffic center. currently we are starting with a bridge check with no hot spots. at the bay bridge to back up reaches to the 880 over crossing. you will shave
6:51 am
about four minutes to five minutes of your approach from the nimitz freeway. for your ride to the san mateo bridge, highway 92 is looking good with no problems here. we are finishing our bridge check with the golden gate in your ride from marin county. we have no slow traffic to be found. looking at the traffic maps as we start with a check of the ec conditions picking up in a little slowing at the lower east shore freeway that still looks good with 580 west bound still not a problem through richmond with the incident at the castro street on ramp. your ride through the san ramon valley looks good. we have no problem from dublin out to the castro valley. the south bay freeway looks fine. we have some slowing for the guadalupe parkway. and here is your marin ride with just a little bit of slowing. the city center south belt shall they better than usual ride. >> darya: thanks a lot. you
6:52 am
would not believe the damage done to a house in the explosion this actually was a house. take a look at the video that is just coming into us from long island. when this exploded in killed and 18 month old toddler. you cannot even see a thing standing. nothing was left here. dozens were injured about a dozen people including six members of the household that live there and several first responders that rushed to help in this explosion. some say the patients are in the hospital with serious injuries. say that this blast was so powerful that they felt it. they said that debris flew into their own homes and they believe that gas may be responsible for the explosion. >> mark: nasa is planning a test drive for curiosity next tuesday. let me show you some of the video of the landing on the martian surface. right now scientists are evaluating the driving route. engineers
6:53 am
plan to have curiosity move its wheels and take a short test. they want to complete all of this before giving it any real driving. >> darya: we will be back with more in just a couple of minutes left in a live look at the james lick freeway in san francisco where traffic is still holding out it looks pretty good.
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